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Employee Engagement, incentives and rewards

Employee Engagement, incentives and rewards

Build a better Employer Value Proposition with the help of Kennedy James


Employers need to redefine the employment experience and let employees own their own experiences; Kennedy James has aligned its brand with Beyond 360; a company launching a cloud based online SaaS solution that drives consistent employee engagement and behaviour aligned towards company goals and values.

With social and digital trends changing faster than ever before and a new type of candidate (millennials) entering the workplace, companies can no longer continue to engage people in the same way as before.  Organisation have learnt that skills can be taught but fit with the culture and meeting employee expectation is everything.  

The balance of power has shifted from employer to employee.  It is a concern for organisations when a recent Gallup poll reported that ‘the world appears to be in the midst of an employee engagement crisis as only 13% of the worldwide workforce is considered engaged in their jobs’.  Our staff appear to have checked out and HR executives are puzzled how to reverse this trend

In a recent survey of HR directors, employee engagement was cited as the third most important initiative to target over the next five years, behind only talent management and succession planning.


“The Beyond 360 Solution”

Beyond 360 provides employees avenues to engage with the organisation and contribute on a higher level

Beyond 360 gives a digital DNA of each employee measuring engagement and alignment with goals and values.

Beyond 360 provides key metrics on engagement from HR dashboard

Beyond 360 enables employers to spot high potential and reduce regretted loss

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